Juniper is a medical computing company leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and genomics to treat cancer. We are helping hospitals and oncologists achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Our cutting-edge software that recommends cancer drug treatments based on a patient’s genetic and clinical data.

We are setting up pilots across Europe to get our technology accessible to hospitals and their patients, focusing on molecular tumor boards.


Patient data are transferred through an encrypted protocol and will be saved on our GDPR compliant servers. The data is safe and anonymized.

Our solutions

With OncoSmartTest© we help you to get the best molecular test for your patient.

Based on the current clinical and molecular data that you have on your patient, we recommend a panel of tests and provide you with the best laboratories doing those tests in our network.

From there we take care of the management of the modular testing, from the moment you send the biopsy to the moment you receive the results.

With OncoEngine© we help you to get the fastest and best tumour board reporting for your patient.

Based on your patient clinical and molecular data, we recommend you all the drugs available, approved, with off-label prescription and in clinical trials, based on the current literature. We also classify those drugs with respect to the Hierarchy of Evidence you prefer.

From there you can take an informed treatment decision, providing your patient the highest survivability.

With OncoTrial© we help you to get your patient in clinical trials, as fast as possible.

Based on the recommendation of trials we provide you with OncoEngine©, we help you to setup the case that will be submitted to the trial. Our team of specialists will support you during the entire process to minimize the work that has to be done from your side.

From there, we take care of your patient case until his acceptation.